Hiking the north shore

If you've come to our island to stretch your legs and see all our gorgeous landscape has to offer, hiking is a great way to do just that. Here we've highlighted a few of our favorite hikes on the North Shore, ranging from accessible to most everyone to experienced hiker challenges. Please prepare adequately for all your outdoor activities and familiarize yourself with what each hike demands! Heed all posted signs and be prepared for all events. Be safe and go explore!


ʻEhukai Pillbox Hike

One of the most popular hikes near us, the 'pillbox hike' - so named for the military bunkers that are stopping points along the trail - is a great way to get a bird's eye view of the edge of our island. It can be crowded at times, but if you plan it right you'll have the best view of all the farmland and beaches all to yourself.

This is an easy hike and great for watching the sunrise or sunsets.

Kealia Trail

One of our favorite hikes on the island, it can be found out near Kaena Point, and if you're ready for stunning views and burning thighs, this one is not to be missed. Following switch backs up the side of a mountain, your reward will be views looking out over the ocean while skydivers float down from above the airfield, and (on a clear day) a gorgeous lookout over Makua Valley - a remote part of the island that is as pristine as it is green.

This one isn't overly difficult, but it is a continual, gradual up hill and the trails can get rocky, so stamina and lots of water is a must.



Laie Falls

One of the more difficult hikes on the North Shore (just around the bend towards the east side) but totally rewarding! This is an 8 mile hike (if you summit, to the falls is 6 miles round trip) that leads all the way up to the tippy top, or you can stop off at the falls and take a dip to cool off from your ascent before turning back. 

This one can get muddy so steer clear if the skies have opened up recently, but it's certainly not one to be missed for that view alone! Make sure you bring lots of water for this hike (lots) and proper clothing/shoes/equipment.