The best part about the North Shore is that we are Country! Far removed from the constant bustle of Town (what the locals call Waikiki), the trip from the Honolulu Airport to our front gate is a beautiful one once you're off the highway (cue sweeping ocean view).

To help you make that trip as easily as possible we've detailed multiple ways to get to Kalani Hawaii, because the minute you step off the plane you're on island time, and we're here to ensure you enjoy it!

Tell us when and we'll be there.

You've had a long flight, let us handle it from here.

Let us know when you arrive and we will arrange to pick you up at the airport. Simple as that. Be sure to mention this to us well in advance during your reservation process and we will let you know the rates and availability.

Renting a car?

Explore the island at your leisure with a car rental

Have your car waiting for you at the Honolulu Airport when you arrive by contacting any of the following rental car companies in advance.
(You can go through or through any one of these individual companies operating out of the Honolulu airport.)
Click any logo below to be directed to their website.


Driving Directions:

  • Exit the airport and follow the signs for the H1-92 West - Aiea/Pearl City - follow for about 7 miles.
  • Look for signs leading to H2 North - Mililani/Wahiawa - exit right onto H2 N and follow until the highway ends (if you're using GSP it may tell you to take exit 8 through Wahiawa. You can do this if you like, it's just as easy to stay on the H2 until it ends and leads you right to Route 99.)
  • Continue straight onto Route 99 North/Wilikina Dr - Stay in the right lane (depending on the time of day military will be backing up left turn lanes on this road) Follow the sign to the right that points to the North Shore. Once you pass the Dole Plantation you will be coming over the top of a big hill overlooking all of the North Shore. Continue on this road all the way to Hale'iwa.
  • Stay to the right and follow Route 83 East - within 7 miles we will be on your right.

Summary, take H1 West ➔ H2 North ➔ 99 North ➔ 83 East.

On the map above you will see the route we've detailed. Where there is red you can expect some traffic during peek travel times: Monday - Friday, approx. 3pm-7pm

On the map above you will see the route we've detailed. Where there is red you can expect some traffic during peek travel times: Monday - Friday, approx. 3pm-7pm

Call a cab, enjoy the views.

For when you just want to unwind and start your vacation.

Call a cab while you're on your way to pick up your luggage, have it waiting by the time you step out into the warm Hawaiian air. Be sure to get a quote for your ride and look to see that the meter is on!

The Bus

Traveling Light? Got time?

If all you've got is small luggage (busses here don't allow for large luggage) and time to meander (and we mean about two hours), The Bus is the way for you. It may take you longer to get to us, but you'll have the chance to see parts of the island you might not otherwise. If you've got that sense of adventure or the need to be thrifty, here's how you go:

Step one, have exact change! Click here for a list of fare prices. & great news! As of October 1, 2017 you can get a day pass to hop on and off for one flat rate!
Next, look up the time tables for routes 52 ➔ 55, Route 76, and 88A (click here for the timetables) The route you take depends on your arrival day & time.*
May we recommend route 55 via the Windward side (the scenic route).
Using the address we provide you with upon your reservation confirmation you will be able to determine the correct stop by using Google maps to plan your route. If you have any trouble you can call The Bus information office at (808) 848-5555 daily from 5:30am - 10:00pm PST.

*Make sure you double check your timetables and review all rider alerts via The Bus website.